Reusable lactation pads – round


Reusable lactation pads, made in merino wool.

They soothe the breasts and are soft and gentle.

The natural cleansing properties of lanolin keep the material fresh and hygienic.

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Lactation pads made of merino wool keep the breasts warm and protect against cold or wind.

The natural warmth of the wool stimulates circulation and provides relief during breastfeeding.

The wool absorbs moisture without feeling damp and keeps the breasts warm.

The pads contain natural lanolin, which has properties to soothe nipple irritation and stop bacteria.


Use the inserts all year round. The size should cover the entire breast.

Most Mums only need 2-3 pairs for the entire breastfeeding period.


The unique properties of merino wool:

Wool wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable even in warm climates.

When the pads are wet, they are warm, not cold and sticky like cotton or disposable sanitary pads.

Your skin stays dry and can breathe, allowing sore nipples to heal.

The natural wool fibres allow your skin to breathe, maintaining a comfortable temperature even in warm climates.

Composition: 100% pure organic merino wool

The material is KBT, IVN, GOTS certified.

Maintenance: hand wash at 30 degrees.

Composition: 100% pure organic merino wool

Available sizes:

– M: diameter 17 cm

– L: diameter 21 cm

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